Pure Honey Crystallizes and Yes its Definitely Healthy!!!

Have you ever noticed your honey looking a little lumpy after a while??? You may have even seen little white flecks floating in your honey. But before deciding that it is not fit for you anymore and throwing it away, read some facts about pure honey!!

The crystallization of honey is always misunderstood by most of the people. Many assume that crystallized honey is adulterated or ‘spoiled.’ But this is not true at all!!!! There’s a lot of misconception when it comes to crystallization, which is also known as granulation.

Crystallization in honey is just a natural process of preserving itself and the main reason for this phenomenon is honey’s composition. Typically, honey has 80% of natural sugars and around 20% of water. As this is saturated, the glucose may separate from the water & form crystals. However, even after crystallization it remains exactly similar in taste.

So, Glucose and fructose plays a key role in this process. When bees hop from one flower to another, they basically collect rich nectar which is made up of two kinds of sugars: glucose and fructose. After collection, the bees drop off the nectar at their hive where it becomes Honey. Different flower nectars have different ratios from each other & these crystals in your honey at the time of crystallization reflects these ratios. For example: Honey that comes from sunflowers & clovers crystallize quicker, while maple & eucalyptus honey changes slower. That’s something new, right???

Honey comes in so many colors & flavors. It is totally normal for Pure & Raw honey to crystallize over time with zero effect on the honey other than color & texture. The taste, color and even scent can be different depending on the source of the flower nectar, region, climate & soil. Warmer temperature and age can also be the factors that can darken the honey and accordingly change its flavor.

When honey is in a crystallized state it takes longer to melt on your tongue, allowing all of your taste buds to activate and absorb every bit of its taste. These crystals actually prove that your honey is of high quality & hasn’t been processed or adulterated.

So next time when you see your honey crystallizing, don’t throw it away as now you know it’s in its purest form and if you already got rid of your pure & crystallized honey thinking it was not fit for you anymore, you can order another one from our website: www.delicasia.in