Top 5 Easy Cooking Tips for beginners

Cooking at home every day can probably be an easy task for a lot of people but cooking different everyday can be a bit tricky for almost all of us. Since we all have at least one member in our family who wants to have different flavors in their meal every day, these 5 points can be kept in mind to make our food tasty as well as different without any kind of brainstorming for your everyday meal:


  1. Use different cooking-oils or butter for a change:


You can always change your cooking oil or even use a combination of oil and butter at times to change the flavor of your meal. For instance, a variety of oils like olive oil, mustard oil, sunflower oil, ghee etc adds different flavors.


  1. Lemon:


Lemon adds a fresh burst of acidity that enhances the flavor of any dish. So, adding lemon juice in the end can sometimes be another innovative way of making your dish taste better and different.



  1. Add different Herbs at the Right Time:


You can always add a variety of herbs like oregano, thyme & rosemary to your dishes early in the cooking process as they release maximum flavor while ensuring that the texture of your dish is enhanced. Also herbs like basil, parsley and chives can be sprinkled last minute to make sure that the same dish tastes different every time with different herbs.





  1. Food Presentation:


Did you know that you visually taste your food long before you ever taste it in your mouth? Sounds odd, right? But before the food ever touches your tongue you’ve already tasted it and this visual tasting experience comes down to good or bad food presentation. If the food presentation is perfect, you’re more likely to enjoy it and it will always give you a feeling of having something new every time.


  1. Add a Chutney or Indian pickle with the meal:



You can always add different flavors to your daily meals without putting in extra efforts. For Instance, you can serve mixed veg pickle with an Indian meal to enhance its flavor or Tomato chutney can be paired up with biryani to give it a different flavor without getting into the hassles of preparing different flavors every time you cook. Here is a link to buy these flavors for your daily meals: